MR Info Tech has gained confidence among clients by its in depth experience in applying advanced technology and utilization of resources in contemporary market. MRIT has its clients spanned in different sectors like retail, Supply chain, healthcare, banking & Insurance and Telecom. MRIT has a mission statement that shows our commitment in quality and maintaining technical superiority in our services.

Financial Services

With international competence we assist clients in harnessing a pool of services, like consulting, technology and outsourcing services complemented by deep financial services industry, expertise of MR Info Tech helps achieve competitive lead by propelling high performance. We comprehend and value the change and have proactively invested in generating solutions that help banks create fresh business opportunities, strike the existing ones more resourcefully and deal with the new challenges on the horizon. Our technology expertise whether in IT or IT-enabled services, has demonstrated its worth in all the tasks taken up by us. MRIT team of practiced professionals is poised to make the distinction through its business technology contributions in the varied segments of banking across geographies.


During the last decade, ecommerce has dramatically changed the retail industry. Consumers are now able to investigate products, compare prices and make both large and small purchases without stepping foot in a retail store. Major retail clients maintain both physical and electronic stores. They need the ability to quickly update their websites and stores, confirm promotional pricing, make certain inventory is available, verify that pricing is competitive in the market, maintain high-quality information on their sites and efficiently perform in a low-margin environment. By effectively combining our expertise in Information Technology (IT), Computational Sciences and Business Management, MRIT is able to provide our retail clients with best-value solutions that deliver top performance at reasonable costs. 


MRIT consultants have extensive experience working with the nation's leading telecom clients, implementing IT infrastructure solutions to drive business growth. We provide our clients with a wide range of services across multi-vendor, multi-technology environments, focusing on data & video communications, software development, network integration and computer systems network testing and implementation.